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9th District unveils a new notification service

Legal News Reporter

Published: June 8, 2018

Legal professionals and others looking to keep track of new opinions issued by the 9th District Court of Appeals can now sign up for a new email notification service.

Ninth District Court of Appeals Judge Jennifer Hensal said prior to the service anyone interested in finding out if an opinion had been released would have to make regular visits to the Ohio Supreme Court website to see if the case was posted.

“The 9th District generally releases opinions on Mondays and Wednesdays,” said Judge Hensal. “So attorneys and others would have to remember to go to the website to see if the case was posted.”

Now anyone who signs up for the service will receive an email notification when the 9th District posts its opinions.

“There will usually be two emails a week, ordinarily on Mondays and Wednesdays,” said Judge Hensal.

“The email will contain a list of opinions posted on the Ohio Supreme Court website with a link to open the opinion and the keywords that also appear on the Supreme Court’s website.”

The judge said the court might also send occasional updates regarding Local Rule Amendments, emergency alerts or news of interest to practitioners in the 9th District.

“The service will not replace the regular mail service by the clerk of courts to the parties,” said Judge Hensal.

“We are using MailChimp to provide the service at no cost to the court or the subscribers.”

Judge Hensal said 120 people have signed up since the service began on April 25, 2018.

Subscribers include judges, magistrates, prosecutors, private practitioners and law students.

“The feedback has been positive,” she said. “It’s also easy to unsubscribe should anyone wish to do so.

“The new service is part of our effort to continue to assist the legal community and the public by ensuring everyone has access to the information that they need.”

Anyone who would like to sign up for the service can fill out the subscription form on the court’s website (http://www.ninth.courts.state.oh.us/notification.htm).

In addition to the email service, Judge Hensal said 9th district judges and employees are preparing to move out of the Oliver R. Ocasek building and into a space on South Main Street.

“The new court facility offers enhanced security and mediation conference rooms for the benefit of attorneys and parties who bring their cases to the court,” she said.

The move is expected to take place in late August. More information will be available through the court’s website, Twitter feed and the new email service.