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Downtown Youngstown. The ideal candidate will have: Basic knowledge of computers, Good Typing Skills, Good Phone Skills, Self Motivation, High School diploma, Knowledge of the legal system and previous office experience preferred. This is a full-time position, 35 hours per week, Monday - Friday, with great benefits. Please send cover letter and resume to Daily Legal News, 100 E Federal St, Ste 126, Youngstown OH 44503 ATTN: Kim



Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court seeks to fill the position of full-time Magistrate. The applicant shall have been engaged in the practice of law for at least four years. Experience in family law preferred. Salary will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Submit a letter of interest and resume to Assistant Court Administrator, Michele Salvino Cercel, Mahoning County Domestic Relations Court, 120 Market Street, 4th Floor, Youngstown, Ohio 44503; or via email to msalvino@mahoningcountyoh.gov. Deadline to apply is May 25, 2017. *1033



In the Public Interest, the philosophy of “Non-Offensive conduct” (or N-O contact) makes for good policy at all stages of CIVIL protection in various courts. Am seeking to develop a working group or task force-- originally inspired by selected Asst. Atty’s General -- to explore factors in the development of pilot N.O. contact CPO form in Summit County, consistent with local rules and under the supervision of the Ohio Supreme Court. The human focus is to endeavor to ALLOW all valid purposeful inter-personal contact, including possibly even sharing a domicile (avoiding the harsh outcome of immediate homelessness in some scenarios - thus creating a “Civilian Projected Outdoors”) and in general engendering a civil atmosphere as devoid of anxieties over the legal process, as possible, so CPOs do not -- by themselves -- function to frighten. The non-offensive contact/conduct philosophy has proven successful in approriate settings in the Empire State and would satisfy the public interest, as in any enlightened society, in the merits of fostering essential human communication as to the concerns of day-to-day living (e.g. matters of child raising), rather than criminalizing the same, for actions which otherwise would not be criminal. In practical terms, a non-offensive contact CPO might enable the parties to spend some time discussing the provisions of the Consent Agreement option. Currently there is no known method (without expensive legal representation) via which these persons can intelligently consider the many parameters and provisions of the boiler plate CPO’s. A non-offensive contact ex parte order (when there is no truly impending danger which is apparent at all, or a pending criminal matter) would allow the parties to talk in a quiet supervised area, about their shared life concerns, and generally yield better long term effects. Please contact your local court administrator (who the writer will in turn contact) to express any interest. *1034