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The labor force participation rate and the Fed

Dear Mr. Berko: A group of us read your column after work while enjoying a few beers before heading home. Seeing as I'm the one with a college degree, which was a waste of time because I'm only making $12.15 an hour, I've been tasked with writing this letter. We continue to hear about the labor force participation rate, which is sup ... (full story)

China propels rise of electric ultra-high-performance cars

China propels rise of electric ultra-high-performance cars

BEIJING (AP) — Want an insanely fast ride with zero emissions? Startup NIO has the car: An electric two-seater with muscular European lines and a top speed of 195 miles per hour (313 kilometers per hour).
The catch: The EP9 costs nearly $1.5 million. NIO, a Chinese-Western hybrid with bases in Shanghai, London and Silicon V ... (full story)

One dud and two good investments

Dear Mr. Berko: Because the 401(k) where I work has a lousy choice of funds (list enclosed), I am moving $30,000 of the $91,000 into an individual retirement account to seek a better return. The stockbroker recommended $10,000 each in Macquarie Infrastructure, the Fidelity Select Banking Portfolio and American Electric Power. Please ... (full story)

Experts advise craft breweries on avoiding legal pitfalls

It’s been over two years since Sean Kennedy and several other family members first decided to start a craft brewery.
“My brother and two cousins had been talking about opening a family business and some vacant space became available because my other business (Technology Recovery Group) moved to a larger space,” ... (full story)

Key insurer Centene plans to expand health exchange presence

Key insurer Centene plans to expand health exchange presence

Health insurer Centene announced plans last week to expand into more Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges for next year, at a time when competitors are either pulling back from those markets or proposing steep price hikes to remain.
The insurer said it will start offering coverage on exchanges in Missouri, Kansas and Nevada. I ... (full story)