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Lawmakers grill 4 Big Tech CEOs but don't land many blows

<span style=Lawmakers grill 4 Big Tech CEOs but don't land many blows" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congressional lawmakers finally got a chance to grill the CEOs of Big Tech over their dominance and allegations of monopolistic practices that stifle competition. But it's unclear how much they advanced their goal of bringing some of the world's largest companies to heel.
Invective flew last week as legis ... (full story)

Invest in vaccine makers?

Q: I keep reading about Moderna and other companies working on promising COVID-19 vaccines. Is it worth investing in them? -- E.P., Cleveland
A: Shares of Moderna and other vaccine-related companies have soared in recent months, some more than doubling or tripling in value. That means that expectations of successful vaccines are ... (full story)

Can you trust your mobile payment app?

Money transfer apps including Venmo, Cash App and PayPal have surged in popularity during the pandemic as people seek safe, contactless ways to send and receive money. Unfortunately, many people don't understand the limitations of these payment platforms or how they can put someone's finances at risk.
Like over-the-counter medic ... (full story)

As tide turns, retailers that resisted masks relent

<span style=As tide turns, retailers that resisted masks relent " class="img_border right margin_left"/>

NEW YORK (AP) — When the parent of Southern grocery chain Winn-Dixie said that it wasn't going to require customers to wear masks to protect against the spread of the coronavirus, the response was brutal, with some loyal patrons vowing on social media never to shop there again.
Days later, Winn-Dixie reversed course and s ... (full story)

Petrochemical developer reaches pact with gas storage firm

CLEVELAND (AP) — A U.S. subsidiary of a Thailand-based company proposing to build a multibillion dollar petrochemical plant in Ohio announced ladt week it is finalizing an agreement with a company to store liquid natural gas at an underground facility in the state, according to a statement.
PTT Global Chemical America said ... (full story)