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Good young broker recommends solid REIT

Dear Mr. Berko: I'm a 71-year-old widow. I'm seeking safe, high income, and I can afford some modest risk. My husband passed away in 2009, and I've done a fairly good job managing our $637,000 portfolio. Last year, I found a new young stockbroker who seems to have a good head on his shoulders. I have about $21,000 to invest, and he ... (full story)

Peaceful Fruits: from the jungle to the lunchbox

When Evan Delahanty tells the story of his company, Peaceful Fruits (http://peacefulfruits.com), he talks about the mundane details of his growing startup. But he also talks about the social benefits of his company in equal measure.
“I try to straddle idealistic and realistic points of view authentically and honestly. Mark ... (full story)

Columbus startups award grant to Franklinton Gardens

Recently, START, a community-supported fund powered by Columbus startups, announced it has awarded its first grant to help Franklinton Gardens launch its new educational garden.
START brings capital and startup support from an entrepreneur-led advisory board to help initiatives in central Ohio that are creating something special ... (full story)

Book explores trends through fate of Ohio glass manufacturer

Book explores trends through fate of Ohio glass manufacturer

COLUMBUS (AP) — A book that examines the history of a longtime glass manufacturing company and the corresponding changes of an American city is the latest best-seller to explore economic and social trends in the country through the lens of Ohio communities.
"Glass House: The 1% Economy and the Shattering of the All-Ame ... (full story)

Bad advice on Tronc?

Dear Mr. Berko: I trusted you. In July of last year, you recommended in an email to me that I invest in Tronc at $15.75 because it was going to be bought out by Gannett. I believed you and bought 550 shares. I trusted you, and now I have lost over $700, and it's your fault. How could you do this to me? You and the rest of Wall Stree ... (full story)