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Akron company features new ways to ‘get lit’

Akron company features new ways to ‘get lit’

Three years ago Akron resident Aaron Novak was working on an air conditioning and heating system at a jobsite when he came across a piece of exposed spiral ductwork that would ultimately change his life and that of his longtime friend Glenn Miller.
“I thought it was very cool and wondered if I could make a light fixture out ... (full story)

Edmunds: How to make your car's safety features work for you

Edmunds: How to make your car's safety features work for you

Drivers are used to traditional passive safety features, such as airbags and seat belts, that help limit injury in case of an accident. But vehicle safety is changing dramatically. The latest vehicles have safety features that can help prevent an accident in the first place. A potential problem, however, is that drivers aren't fully ... (full story)

3 unknown stocks explained

Dear Mr. Berko: When our father passed away about a year ago, he left my sister and me eight stocks. We have decided to keep the five utility stocks and continue reinvesting the dividends each quarter. Please give us advice on keeping or selling the other three -- Cincinnati Financial, Zogenix and Medtronic -- which we know nothing ... (full story)

Experts recommend diversity when building a real estate investment portfolio

For investors who seek a high nightly rental income, Airbnb might be the best way to go.
A more stable source of income, however, would direct real estate investors to single-family properties.
Which option is better for the average investor? Well, both.
Investment experts say a strategy that mixes types of real estate is k ... (full story)

Capitalism should be taught

Dear Mr. Berko: I don't need advice, but I feel I have to tell you of an experience that I was not prepared for.
In 2008, my employer sold his business and ended my pension plan. I took a lump sum of $161,000 at age 55. All of us were left hanging with big checks. My co-workers and I, knowing nothing about stocks, read recommende ... (full story)