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Oklahoma latest to grapple with online school problems

Oklahoma latest to grapple with online school problems

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) — When two tech-savvy Oklahoma men launched their vision for an innovative charter school in 2011 that students could attend from home, the timing was perfect.
Republicans had just extended their majorities in the Legislature, taken control of every elected statewide office and installed a new state super ... (full story)


Q: What does "split-adjusted" mean? -- R.Y., online
A: A split-adjusted stock price is one that has been modified to account for past stock splits.
Consider the Coca-Cola Co. It went public in 1919 (100 years ago!) at $40 per share and has split its stock 11 times since then. Shares have recently been trading for aro ... (full story)

Will you be a scam artist's next target?

Believing that fraud can't happen to us — because we're too smart, logical or informed — may make us more vulnerable. Successful scam artists skillfully overcome our defenses and get us into emotional states that override logical thinking, says Kathy Stokes, AARP's director of fraud prevention programs.
"Scammers ... (full story)

Storms, floods cause $1.2B damage to public infrastructure

Storms, floods cause $1.2B damage to public infrastructure

Storms and flooding have caused significant damage throughout the U.S. during the first half of 2019.
The Associated Press tallied about $1.2 billion of damage in 24 states based on preliminary assessments of public infrastructure categories established by the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The tally includes damage to road ... (full story)

BrewWall: Self-pour brewhouse opens in Copley

BrewWall: Self-pour brewhouse opens in Copley<BR>

BrewWall, a new brew pub and restaurant in Copley, has brought millennial cord-cutting and design concepts to the simple act of drinking a beer.
Customers serve themselves from a wall of beer and wine taps and the open architecture encourages customer mingling.
“This is the first of its kind in the Cleveland and Akron ... (full story)