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Proposal designed to streamline ballot voting boundaries

A legislative initiative calling for creation of a database that would help coordinate Ohio county boards of elections in instances in which a ballot issue straddles political subdivision boundaries recently got a first hearing before Ohio House of Representatives committee members.
House Bill 237 would streamline coordination an ... (full story)

Mother-daughter volunteer spearhead diaper donation charity

Mother-daughter volunteer spearhead diaper donation charity

PLAIN CITY, Ohio (AP) — Kayla Smith favors the Luvs brand of diapers — the baby-powder scent, in particular.
The aroma fills the dank cellar of Jerome United Methodist Church in Plain City, where dozens of colorful boxes of diapers pack fill free-standing black shelves.
"The basement smells bad," said Kay ... (full story)

Scholar traces origins of Midwest 'flyover country' derision

Scholar traces origins of Midwest 'flyover country' derision

COLUMBUS (AP) — The name of President Donald Trump appears only once in professor Jon Lauck's new book about perceptions of the Midwest as "flyover country," and then only in a footnote involving polling in Missouri.
Yet the book's exploration of decades-old historical trends helps explain the attraction Trump hel ... (full story)

Presumed father not required to support birth mother to maintain right to contest adoption

The presumed father of a child born out of wedlock did not give up his right to contest the mother’s decision to place the child for adoption when he failed to provide the pregnant mother financial support, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled recently.
The Supreme Court vacated the 2015 adoption of a Butler County child by a Tenne ... (full story)

How to get the most from an attorney-client relationship

Q: How is an attorney-client relationship created?
A: Generally, persons may consult with and be represented by an attorney whenever they choose. The client is usually responsible for the fees associated with the service. When a person hires or retains a particular attorney, and the attorney agrees to represent that individual, a ... (full story)