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Lost history: How 4 Ohio kids ended pay toilets in US

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — The next time you step into a public restroom, say a quiet thank you to Dayton natives Michael and Ira Gessel, Steve Froikin and Natalie Precker.
After all, it was their efforts nearly 50 years ago that allowed Americans to pee for free.
The high school students founded the Committee to End Pay Toilet ... (full story)

OSBA column: Estate planning and digital assets

Planning for what happens to our assets after we pass has long included considering a standard list of financial accounts and physical possessions. These days, much of our business and personal lives are conducted electronically, bringing a whole new category of assets into the estate planning process. With changing privacy laws, ne ... (full story)

Ohio killer says he can't afford shoes thanks to court costs

Ohio killer says he can't afford shoes thanks to court costs

COLUMBUS (AP) — Court-ordered costs owed by a death row inmate who killed his girlfriend and her 83-year-old father are keeping the prisoner so poor he can't afford basics like shoes or boots, civil rights lawyers say.
While condemned prisoner David Braden earns $16 a month in inmate pay, he is allowed to keep a maximum of ... (full story)

A fourth-grade teacher, a donor and 'an angel on earth'

A fourth-grade teacher, a donor and 'an angel on earth'

REYNOLDSBURG, Ohio (AP) — Eva Evans is 10 years old and desperately needs a new kidney to live a normal life. Mrs. Thomas, a smiling fourth-grade teacher at Eva's school, wants to give her one.
They barely knew each other before. Eva was in a different fourth-grade room down the hall. Tanya Thomas, 48, had spent half her li ... (full story)

Ohio Supreme Court affirms death sentence for teen’s murderer

The Ohio Supreme Court took into account the fact that a man who plotted to rob and kill a childhood friend had just turned 19 years old at the time of the murder, but that was not enough to reverse the death penalty he received from a Warren County court.
The Supreme Court unanimously affirmed the 2014 death sentence of Austin M ... (full story)