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Homeless individuals given 72 hours to leave downtown camp

Homeless individuals given 72 hours to leave downtown camp

CINCINNATI (AP) — Dozens of homeless people were given 72 hours to vacate a downtown Cincinnati encampment consisting of tents, furniture and blankets under an order issued by city officials Monday.
Citing health and safety issues, city officials said they will close the site located under an overpass by the end of the week ... (full story)

Ohio courts play important role for immigrant children

Starting in 2013, the United States has seen increased numbers of children fleeing Central and South American countries. Some enter the U.S. with family members; many enter alone. Children fleeing their home countries cite gang violence and recruitment and general instability as major reasons for their departure.
The U.S. Border ... (full story)

Farm Bureau critical of Kasich executive order

The Ohio Farm Bureau wasted no time in criticizing Gov. John Kasich's executive order last week aimed at aggressively protecting the waters of Lake Erie at what they perceive as farmers' expense.
Kasich's proposal takes aim at the nutrient runoff from agricultural production in the lake's watersheds, particularly the western basi ... (full story)

US trade, immigration and biofuel policies hit farmers hard

US trade, immigration and biofuel policies hit farmers hard

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Even before the specter of a trade war with China and other countries threatened to cost them billions of dollars, American farmers were feeling the squeeze from fluctuating crop prices and other factors that have halved their overall income in recent years.
The threat of counter-tariffs on U.S. farm ... (full story)

House bill offers 2nd chance to teenagers caught sexting

CINCINNATI (AP) — The punishment for teenagers caught sharing sexually explicit images could be lessened in Ohio.
A House bill would allow first-time offenders who are 18 or younger a chance to have their charges dismissed upon completion of a program that explains the impact of sexting.
Through the program, teens would ... (full story)