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State workers can be fired during probationary period at employer’s discretion

Ohio government employers have the right to fire civil service employees for unsatisfactory service during their initial probationary periods, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled recently.
A Supreme Court majority ruled a former administrator at the Sandusky Veterans Home did not cite any state law that would prevent the Ohio Department ... (full story)

High court dismisses appeal after docket fee check bounces

The Supreme Court of Ohio was left with no option but to dismiss the appeal of the founder of the now-defunct Fashion Meets Music Festival on the basis of a bounced check used to pay a court fee.
In a recent decision, the state's high court dismissed Bret Adams' appeal of the Franklin County appellate court's ruling because of a ... (full story)

Student with dyslexia finds help through music

Student with dyslexia finds help through music

COLUMBUS (AP) — For Katie Roddy, there is no such thing as seeing a word and sounding it out.
Like others with dyslexia, Roddy's brain processes words differently.
She knows that now, at age 16. But as a young child, how do you explain to your well-meaning teachers and parents that you can't put letters together into sou ... (full story)

Hamilton Cty. judge designs courtroom to create calming atmosphere

Hamilton Cty. judge designs courtroom to create calming atmosphere

Walking into a courtroom for the first time can be a scary experience. But Hamilton County Domestic Relations Judge Amy Searcy is trying to change that by transforming the nature of the space.
She’s given her courtroom a facelift. Natural sunlight now streams through the windows. The walls are covered with large canvasses o ... (full story)

Proposed changes would reduce water monitoring samples taken

COLUMBUS (AP) — Proposed changes to Ohio's water quality monitoring program would reduce the number of water samples taken from the state's rivers and streams and the number of sampling areas while increasing the size of the areas surveyed.
The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency is proposing to fold the state's 98 watersh ... (full story)