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Mergers vs. acquisitions

Q: What's the difference between mergers and acquisitions? -- H.W., online
A: In general, a merger is when two companies (often of roughly similar size) combine to form a new company, often with a new name and new shares of stock issued. Acquisitions, which happen far more frequently, are when one company takes control of another ... (full story)

North Dakota looks at plastics as the Bakken booms

BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) — As pump jacks pull more and more oil out of shale rock buried deep below the western part of the state, an increasing amount of natural gas travels up through the wells with few obvious destinations in North Dakota.
Oil producers burn off some of the gas at well sites because the state has maxed out it ... (full story)


Former Summit County chief of staff discusses new role at Roetzel

He spent the bulk of his legal career working in the Summit County Executive’s Office now Jason Dodson is utilizing his extensive public sector knowledge to assist clients at Roetzel & Andress.
Dodson joined the firm as of counsel at the beginning of September. He is a member of the Public Law and Finance Practice Group ... (full story)

9th District appellate court reverses child support order

A Summit County Domestic Relations Court judge failed to properly consider a divorcing couple’s standard of living during the marriage when ordering child support, the 9th District Court of Appeals ruled recently.
Lee Q. Lewis appealed the trial court’s judgment that granted him a divorce from Kristen Elliot-Thomas, a ... (full story)

Workplace sex discrimination claims are common – but not making it into court

(THE CONVERSATION) Several cases addressing whether it’s legal to fire a worker because of their sexual orientation and gender identity were taken up by the Supreme Court last week.
While these legal questions deserve significant attention, those concerned about equality on the job should not lose sight of the broader, yet ... (full story)


Lawyers want Nevada to ban executions of mentally ill

Lawyers want Nevada to ban executions of mentally ill

RENO, Nev. (AP) — The American Bar Association wants the Nevada Supreme Court to rule that people suffering from severe mental illness should be ineligible for the death penalty.
The national group of lawyers and legal scholars made the argument in joining an appeal challenging the death sentence of a man it says was mental ... (full story)

Convicted man cannot use recent High Court decision to challenge his sentence

The state statute authorizing a trial court to vacate a sentence based on a new decision from the U.S. Supreme Court does not apply to a new decision from the Ohio Supreme Court, the state high court ruled recently.
A divided Ohio Supreme Court ruled that state law did not permit Corey J. Parker to file a postconviction relief pe ... (full story)