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Law Bulletin: Policies to prevent predictable homicides

Shocking! That’s the word that initially dominated news reports of the shooting of a part-time Bellwood police officer and his flight-attendant wife and “perfect” mother on the campus of Central Michigan University last Friday.
James Eric Davis Jr., 19, is suspected of shooting his father, James Davis Sr., and h ... (full story)

Local firm unveils new tool to track pay equity laws

Decades ago the federal Equal Pay Act of 1963 sought to prohibit wage discrimination based on gender, but the 2016 presidential election campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton and the recent #MeToo and Time’s Up movements are shining an increasingly bright light on the issue.
As pay equity takes center stage, Fisher Phillips ... (full story)

No mutual mistake in 9th District fight over Cleveland Browns’ season tickets

A Summit County trial court improperly applied the affirmative defense of mutual mistake in a money dispute involving season tickets for the Cleveland Browns.
The 9th District Court of Appeals recently reversed a magistrate’s decision finding Patty Hayes not liable for breach of contract.
Court records show Hayes owned f ... (full story)


S Korean firm joins Ohio effort to build petrochemical plant

COLUMBUS (AP) — Gov. John Kasich said Monday that a major South Korean industrial plant builder has joined an effort to build a multibillion-dollar petrochemical plant in eastern Ohio to take advantage of the region's oil-and-gas boom.
Kasich, a Republican, called the partnership between Seoul-based Daelim Industrial and Th ... (full story)

Shhh! How to stream March Madness when the boss isn't around

Shhh! How to stream March Madness when the boss isn't around

NEW YORK (AP) — March Madness began Tuesday. And that may mean strategizing to sneak in some games when the boss isn't looking.
Fortunately for you — though not your boss — all 67 games in the NCAA men's college basketball tournament will be available online. Many of the games, including the Final Four, will req ... (full story)

Supreme Court rejects property tax reductions in 2 Franklin County cases

The Ohio Supreme Court recently reversed a pair of Ohio Board of Tax Appeals (BTA) decisions applicable to two properties in Franklin County’s South-Western City School District.
In separate unanimous per curiam opinions, the Supreme Court returned the taxable values of the properties to the assessments made by the Franklin ... (full story)

Privacy a concern as we connect with everything via technology

If refrigerators "showing" consumers their contents on a smartphone app to a human who is miles away in a supermarket aisle is insufficient to raise privacy concerns, surely a cloud-connected live mic in numerous rooms throughout the house is.
A study by the Security Innovation Center confirms that consumers are coming ... (full story)

2 fertility clinics respond to egg, embryo storage failures

2 fertility clinics respond to egg, embryo storage failures

CLEVELAND (AP) — Two fertility clinics across the country from each other experienced equipment failures on the same day that may have damaged hundreds of frozen eggs and embryos, something that a fertility expert called a stunning coincidence and that is already producing lawsuits from crestfallen couples.
Lawyers for Ambe ... (full story)


Free eDiscovery buyer’s guide published

Notable legal tech heads Brett Burney and Chelsey Lambert have put together a first edition eDiscovery buyer’s guide for solo and small practitioners that you all should get and look at as soon as you’re finished reading this review.
Get it here: https://learn.lextechreview.com/courses/2018-ediscovery-buyers-guide
... (full story)