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Column: How stereo was first sold to a skeptical public

(THE CONVERSATION) When we hear the word “stereo” today, we might simply think of a sound system, as in “turn on the stereo.”
But stereo actually is a specific technology, like video streaming or the latest expresso maker.
Sixty years ago, it was introduced for the first time.
Whenever a new techn ... (full story)

Flying with emotional support animals: The ups and downs of life in coach

(THE CONVERSATION) The Department of Transportation has been considering new guidelines for flying with emotional support animals since spring 2018, but it doesn’t look like those guidelines will be ready in time for the holiday travel season.
No one knows whether the new guidelines could have helped recent Delta Air Lines ... (full story)


Saved! Baines surprise pick for Hall, Lee Smith also chosen

Saved! Baines surprise pick for Hall, Lee Smith also chosen

LAS VEGAS (AP) — Harold Baines was given a save as big as any Lee Smith ever posted.
In a vote sure to spark renewed cries of cronyism at Cooperstown, Baines surprisingly was picked for the baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday, Dec. 9, after never coming close in any previous election.
"Very shocked," the career .28 ... (full story)

Harbaugh says he's staying at Michigan, not returning to NFL

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (AP) — Jim Harbaugh insisted he is staying at Michigan.
Responding to speculation he's returning to the NFL, the former San Francisco 49ers coach told ESPN he is not going anywhere .
"This is a choreographed message that comes up at this time every year before signing day," Harbaugh told ESPN. ... (full story)

Push up variations

Last week I discussed the simple push-up and why it should be included in your exercise rotation. This week I’d like to move well beyond the simple push-up and talk about its multitude of challenging variations.
Actually the push-up has so many variations I’d be willing to bet it easily leads the pack amongst body-we ... (full story)


Michigan Legislature passes Great Lakes oil pipeline bill

Michigan Legislature passes Great Lakes oil pipeline bill

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — The Michigan Legislature approved a bill Tuesday that would allow the replacement of a 65-year-old oil pipeline in a key Great Lakes waterway, voting to create a state authority that would oversee the construction of a tunnel to encase a new segment of pipe.
Most Republicans in the GOP-controlled chamb ... (full story)

Feds: Ohio plot suspect wrote to Charleston church shooter

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — A woman accused of buying bomb-making supplies and plotting domestic terrorism attacks exchanged letters with the man convicted in the South Carolina church shooting and visited Columbine High School, federal authorities said.
Prosecutors described how Elizabeth Lecron had a fascination with perpetrators ... (full story)