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Canada-US relations at a low after trade tiff

Canada-US relations at a low after trade tiff

TORONTO (AP) — For the first time in decades, one of the world's most durable and amicable alliances faces serious strain as Canadians — widely seen as some of the nicest, politest people on Earth — absorb Donald Trump's insults against their prime minister and attacks on their country's trade policies.
Some Can ... (full story)

Cat bonds explained

Dear Mr. Berko: Could you please tell me what cat bonds are and how they're different from other bonds? And could you tell me the name of the college that offers annuities yielding 10 percent? I'd like an answer without your usual abrasive sense of humor. -- SD, Fort Walton Beach, Fla.
Dear SD: Catastrophe bonds, or cat bonds, ar ... (full story)


Cover the bases: Get insurance involved

Most of us start a case at the beginning and work forward. My friend Seth Lamden works backward.
Seth is a policyholder/coverage attorney. He also happens to be a competitive powerlifter. He approaches insurance mediations and lifting meets the same way.
“A powerlifting meet is scored by the total of the lifter’s s ... (full story)


Why black women's experiences of #MeToo are different

(THE CONVERSATION)––In April, a 25-year-old black woman named Chikesia Clemons was violently arrested by police at a Waffle House restaurant in Alabama.
A video of the arrest that went viral shows police pulling Clemons from her chair and throwing her to the floor. In the process, her breasts are exposed and her dress ... (full story)


Lawsuits: Congressional maps dilute black voters in 3 states

Lawsuits: Congressional maps dilute black voters in 3 states

A Democratic political group launched a legal campaign Wednesday to create additional majority-minority congressional districts in three Southern states, claiming the current maps discriminate against black voters.
Attorneys filed separate federal lawsuits in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana, challenging congressional maps lawmaker ... (full story)