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Implement these privacy protections now

Data privacy and data security aren’t exactly the same thing, but they certainly go hand-in-hand in the law office environment.
The folks at Attorney at Work have compiled a useful list of actions you can take right this minute to create some more online/data privacy for yourself and your office.
First, get a browser ext ... (full story)

Law firm data breaches 2018 stats

The 2018 ABA Techreport had some interesting tidbits on law firm data breaches.
One thing to note before we trot these stats out is that this is all self-reported, so maybe, just maybe, take these stats with a grain of salt.
As then-FBI director Robert Mueller said in 2012: There are two kinds of companies—those that h ... (full story)

Court rules biometrics covered by Fifth Amendment

Most new smartphones and some tablets and even new computers have the capability of being locked/ unlocked using fingerprints, eye scans or facial recognition. These scans, using a part of an individual’s body for one-of-a-kind recognition to access an electronic device, are called biometrics.
For reference, multiple sci fi ... (full story)

PDS2 is the new GDPR

Well, here come some new EU data regs.
As of September 2019, EU financial transaction businesses (payment and FinTech spaces, including banks) will be subject to a whole raft of new security regulations called the Second Payment Services Directive, or PDS2 (or PTSD at this point it’s the same thing).
The new regs create ... (full story)

Will tech make lawyers obsolete?

Tech taking over is always good sci-fi, from The Terminator to Black Mirror.
In Black Mirror, season 4, episode 3 (“Crocodile”), one of the characters settles insurance claims by reading the memories of people to reconstruct accident cases, Voila! No disputes about facts. Therefore, no need for lawyers in that world.< ... (full story)