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How Office 365 can help small practices

The folks at Solo Practice University (.com) are recommending Microsoft’s Office 365 as a “glue” app that can hold a solo or small practice together, saying it is “about time” to move over to this productivity suite if you haven’t already done so. Putting everything under one roof, so to speak, el ... (full story)

Unprotected documents waive attorney-client privilege

Discovery. ESI. The cloud. Unsecured documents. Unchecked discovery transmission.
Those five things should never be put together by lawyers. When you do that, as in Harleysville Insurance Company v. Holding Funeral Home Inc (W.D. Virginia, 2017), really bad things can happen.
This was a civil arson case, in which the insurance ... (full story)

A few apps of interest

In which we continue our ongoing series. In these cases, however, we’re looking at apps that have very small and specific functions, meaning that the world of legal apps is getting more and more functional.
Settlement App is a small cash app tailored to attorneys and other folks who need to be able to transfer funds from cl ... (full story)

Shifting burdens on disappeared ESI

Josh “Bowtie” Gilliland has an interesting analysis of the shifting evidence preservation burdens that have occurred since the rule was changed on partiers seeking sanctions for lost electronically stored information (ESI).
Rules governing these sanctions, where a party cannot produce ESI because it is “lost&rdq ... (full story)

MS brings AI and other upgrades to Office

If your office uses Word and the rest of the Microsoft Office suite, the software giant has recently made a few upgrades that attorneys should find useful.
First off, if you subscribe to Office 365 (I do), or have recently upgraded, you should have noticed a change in the editing functions, particularly in Word. Editor, the compa ... (full story)