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SCOTUS to hear First Amendment case, could impact social media

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted cert to hear a case that could (possibly) have an impact on social media.
Although the case, Manhattan Community Access Corp. v. Halleck, No. 17-702, technically doesn’t involve social media per se, the issues in the case may be expanded to affect Facebook, Twitter, etc. if the court feel ... (full story)

Legal Transaction Management is now a legal tech category

In the last few years, legal billing has gone from an emphasis on hourly work determined by attorneys to various creative ways around charging on an hourly basis driven by clients looking to save money.
Because of that, attorneys have really begun to work toward automating a number of the functions that legal assistants and firm ... (full story)

Ohio passes first-in-the-nation data protection law

A new Ohio law is the first in the country to try to provide protections to businesses if they are sued following a data breach.
That is, if the business conforms to the best available data security protocols for its type of business.
The bill, Senate Bill 220, was entitled the “Data Protection Act.” It is an inte ... (full story)

A product to automatically search unsearchable files

It is very possible that up to a third of the documents that a law firm has stored is unsearchable—or even unfindable. And some day, you’re going to need to find and search some of those.
What’s unsearchable? Image-based documents like faxes, scanned documents like PDF’s and TIFF’s and more. What&rsq ... (full story)

App voting. What could go wrong?

For the first time, 2018 will see voting via app. On the blockchain. Not on a large scale, but it is live and real and OMG. Cause, all data is safe. Cause, ask Facebook.
The state of West Virginia has contracted with a Boston start-up called Voatz (https://voatz.com) to enable certain registered voters, particularly military memb ... (full story)