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Law office cord cutting

“Cord cutting” in its current usage is a term that derives from millennials getting away from heavily pre-packaged (and expensive) content providers like cable television companies and instead picking and choosing smaller, self-chosen content via streaming media devices.
Cord cutters don’t rely on their televisi ... (full story)

Quick tips for more data security

Sure you should make computer security the central feature of your life. But that would be boring to your friends.
The are some basic steps to data security though that don’t take enough time to be boring. Do them.
The always-surprisingly agile American Bar Association has some valuable and immediately applicable quick t ... (full story)

Legal tech peaking?

The results of the 2018 ABA Techreport are in, and nothing much has changed. It’s looking like the law biz has reached peak tech adoption.
And it is still way behind every other business sector you could think of—like 2 or 3 times behind.
The most telling stat to emerge from this report IMHO is the percentage of f ... (full story)

Virtual fee pricing coming soon

One thing about the internet and legal fees—access to more information gives potential clients the ability to search out cheaper legal services and intelligently negotiate fees. Problem being for attorneys is it is difficult to know what the competition is doing, so it can be hard to do these negotiations in what is essentiall ... (full story)

Discussing cryptocurrency and estate planning

Whether you want to or not, Bitcoin and the rest of them are intruding into the business of law. It behooves all practicing attorneys to at least be conversant in the terminology, because you may get clients who need advice on the topic. But one practice area in particular really needs to educate itself on cryptocurrencies and every ... (full story)