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IRS granted tax-exempt status to extremists, including an Oath Keepers foundation

(THE CONVERSATION) When someone mentions nonprofits, chances are you picture homeless shelters, free medical clinics, museums and other groups that you believe are doing good one way or another.
Most of these organizations are legitimate. But not all nonprofits are principled or embrace missions everyone considers worthy of the ... (full story)

More than two dozen cities and states are suing Big Oil over climate change – they just got a boost from the US Supreme Court

(THE CONVERSATION) Honolulu has lost more than 5 miles of its famous beaches to sea level rise and storm surges. Sunny-day flooding during high tides makes many city roads impassable, and water mains for the public drinking water system are corroding from saltwater because of sea level rise.
The damage has left the city and coun ... (full story)

How comics can either depress turnout or activate voters in 2024

(THE CONVERSATION) Biden is old. Trump has weird hair. Biden mangles the English language. Trump barely seems to understand it.
There's no question that it is easy to make fun of the two top presidential candidates for 2024.
But as I explain in my new book, "Trump Was a Joke: How Satire Made Sense of a President Who Did ... (full story)

Judge Hamilton receives 2 awards/takes on new roles

It’s been an eventful year for Akron Municipal Court Judge David Hamilton, who began serving as administrative/presiding judge in January.
Along with his new duties on the bench, he’s also taken on two key roles outside the court and received two prestigious accolades, including the Akron Bar Association’s Div ... (full story)

When faith says to help migrants – and the law says don't

(THE CONVERSATION) Many religious traditions preach the need to care for strangers. But what happens when caring for the stranger comes into conflict with government policy?
After Title 42 restrictions at the U.S. border ended on May 11, 2023, debates about immigration have heated up again – focused mostly on reform, borde ... (full story)