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Demand for food delivery has skyrocketed. So have complaints about some drivers

BOSTON (AP) — A soaring demand for food delivered fast has spawned small armies of couriers — and increasing alarm — in big cities where scooters, motorcycles and mopeds zip in and out of traffic and hop onto pedestrian-filled sidewalks as their drivers race to drop off salads and sandwiches.
Officials in Bosto ... (full story)

Deflation vs. inflation

Q. I gather that inflation has come down. So are we now experiencing deflation? -- F.L., Sheridan, Wyoming
A. We're nowhere near deflation, which is when prices are actually falling. The inflation rate in the United States tends to go both up and down in a somewhat limited range, though it can be particularly high or low at time ... (full story)

AI search answers are the fast food of your information diet – convenient and tasty, but no substitute for good nutrition

(THE CONVERSATION) If you have used Google lately and been lucky – or unlucky – enough to encounter an answer to your query rather than a bunch of links, you have been subjected to something called AI Overviews. This is a new core feature that Google has been rolling out, a move widely anticipated since the company's exp ... (full story)

A brew of ancient coca is Bolivia's buzzy new beer. But it's unclear if the world will buy in

<span style=A brew of ancient coca is Bolivia's buzzy new beer. But it's unclear if the world will buy in" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

TRINIDAD PAMPA, Bolivia (AP) — If it were anywhere else in South America, the nondescript house with buckets of coca leaves soaking in liquid could be mistaken for a clandestine cocaine lab.
But this is La Paz, Bolivia, and the fruity aroma of coca steeping in barrels signals that you've arrived at the government-authorize ... (full story)

Ford restores Detroit train station that once symbolized decline

DETROIT (AP) — The once-blighted monolithic Michigan Central train station — for decades a symbol of Detroit's decline — has new life following a massive six-year, multimillion-dollar renovation to create a hub for mobility projects in the rebirth of the Motor City.
The hulking, scavenger-ravaged structure that ... (full story)